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2016 - 2020 EHAP RFP FAQ

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The FAQ is now open and will close on April 13, 2016, two business days before the RFP due date. To submit your questions, scroll down to the “Ask a question” section. Enter your name and organization and type your question in the “Question” box, and click on “Submit.” Answers to all questions will be posted to MFA’s website on 04/01/2016, 04/08/2016 and 04/13/2016 by 3pm.


Frequently Asked Questions


Question 1:

Do we need to submit resumes of admin staff if they are not covered by the indirect cost rate?

Question 2:

Is there a place in the proposal form where agencies can ask for a specific amount?

Question 3:

Our most recent audit was 190 pages. Do you want us to submit the whole thing?
Yes, send the whole document. Send a list of county commissioners too.

Question 4:

We are a very small agency but our community need is GREAT. How will this affect our ability to earn points?
Please refer to Page 13 under Category Community Need for details that refer to points that can be earned based on agency occupancy.

Question 5:

Our auditor is not on the state auditor list. Will they still qualify?

Question 6:

Regarding the scoring criteria, we are the only shelter in Artesia. How do we get a letter of support?
You will need to show collaboration with agencies such as a local food bank or housing authority, or other agencies that provide assistance to the homeless; this does not necessarily need to be a shelter.

Question 7:

Will we be negatively affected in the scoring if we did not apply for funding for 2015-2016?

Question 8:

There needs to be two more forms in the packet referencing pages 25-26 of the RFP. Specifically, there is no place to record the “proposed numbers” in the graph on page 25. There should also be a form for the section “agency capacity and financial information” on page 26.
The online forms have been updated to address this question. If you previously downloaded the forms from the website, replace them with the updated version.

Question 9:

On page 4 of the RFP it states that we must include the "2016-2020 EHAP Proposal" Form. Which "form" is this referenced to?
This simply refers to the RFP Proposal itself.

Question 10:

Regarding our evidence of coordination with other targeted homeless service, may we include our MOU with NMSU since this is a partnership/collaborative effort that is aimed toward helping our victims in-shelter with education, housing, and employment?
Yes, this would be appropriate as long as it can prove that the partnership is collaborative and there is assistance with education, housing, and employment.

Question 11:

Can you please provide all forms in a Word format? The forms in the RFP are not "fillable." Thank you!
The link has been checked and all forms are fillable. It is also acceptable to print the forms and write on them directly.

Question 12:

In the forms, the page listed as "Proposal Requirements, Requested on Page 9 - #10" It looks like page 9 #10 is "Offeror must submit Offeror's Certification signed by authorized official" and isn't related to the pending litigation statement that is listed under Proposal Requirements? Should the reference page be pg 11, #23 instead?
Yes, the reference should be Page 11, #23 for the litigation statement. The reference to offer’s certification can be found on Page 27 of the RFP. It is the same as the last page of the Forms Packet.

Question 13:

Regarding the "monitoring letters" - Are you requesting the same format as last year i.e. letters from funders showing amount of funds and ways funds will be expended?
These “letters” represent the audits done by the funding organizations and the results of those audit/monitoring visits.

Question 14:

Why is the RFP in a PDF format when we could just answer the questions directly on the document if it were a Word document?
The RFP was posted this way to protect it. Once printed, you are able to complete your answers and attach them, or print and write directly on the proposal. Fillable forms are available at

Question 15:

On page 10 of RFP#14 it states that the executive summary should list major funding sources, this information is also requested on the form for agency capacity and financial information. Do you want it in both places? If not, which section would this information be provided?
On Page 10, #14 we are asking for an agency summary that describes what the agency does, primary activities, (shelter services, support services, etc.), and who the major funding sources are. Based on the form titled, “Administrative and Financial Management Capacity,” we are asking if the agency has sufficient qualifications and capacity to administer shelter services and supportive services.

Question 16:

Do we submit an agency budget?
No, agency budgets are not submitted for the RFP. Under “Agency Capacity and Financial Information,” question “a” is simply asking for you to submit your total agency financial budget.

Question 17:

On the final form, Certifications, it asks for an electronic signature. Does it require and electronic signature or can we sign by hand after printing?
Electronic or hand signature are both appropriate.

Question 18:

I cannot enter all of my BOD members on the MFA form. I have no way of adding additional lines/spaces. How do you want us to provide the info on the BOD members that exceed the capacity of the MFA form to enter information?
Print out two or more copies of this form if needed to enter all of the BOD members.

Question 19:

I am not able to enter the info required to calculate our occupancy rate on the MFA form? Can I enter the info by hand since the MFA form doesn't work?
Print the RFP and fill in the answers by hand.

Question 20:

Are we required to submit audits prior to the proposal deadline?
Everything asked for on the RFP is due together by the deadline of Friday, April 15, 2016 by 4:00pm.

Question 21:

Under Agency capacity and financial information question a. Total Agency Annual Budget, are you requesting the budget for the current fiscal year 15-16, or for the last completed fiscal year 14-15?
This question refers to the budget for the current fiscal year 2015-2016.

Question 22:

Can you clarify the difference between "Offeror certifications" (#10 page 9) under Minimum Threshold Criteria and "Statement of Disclosure" #14 on the same list?
Offeror’s Certification is the last form in the Forms Packet that certifies that offeror will abide by all rules and regulations noted in the certification form. The “Statement of Disclosure” details can be found on Page 11, #19, referring to political contributions and conflict of interest.

Question 23:

Page 4 of RFP states "All proposals must be self-contained" what does this mean?
All proposals must contain the entire package of required documentation.

Question 24:

The RFP states that the order of the proposal should follow the submission checklist. #16 on the checklist asks for the monitoring letters from other sources, but so does the "Agency Capacity and Financial Information" form provided. Can we refer to the material provided via the checklist on that form?
Yes. On Page 26 of the RFP, under the heading “Agency Capacity and Financial Information,” the last sentence is asking for a copy of the agency’s most recent monitoring letters from non-MFA agencies. The checklist should be used as a tool to insure that all required documents will be included in the proposal package.

Question 25:

Do all the forms provided fall under "Evaluation Criteria" at the end of the check list except for the Program staff list (#7)?
The checklist on Pages 22-23 of the RFP is a tool that provides opportunity to make sure all required documents are included in the proposal package.

Question 26:

On page 8, #2 it states that offeror must be current in their registration as a charitable organization for 2015. Page 22, #2 says we need proof for 2014. Which is the year we need it for?
This should read “2015” on both pages 8 and 22.

Question 27:

My agency receives CoC Match funding through MFA, does this application need to represent that in any way?

Question 28:

Are we required to have the audit be completed by someone on the state list of approved auditors. We receive less than $500,000 a year and are not required to be audited so we do not have any of this information.
Yes, the auditor must be on the state approved auditor’s list. In order to receive EHAP funding which is federal funds, all offerors must submit an audit, whether it’s a Single Audit or audited financial statements by an auditor.

Question 29:

How many monitoring letters do you want us to submit (will one suffice, or one for each funding source listed?
You will need to submit one monitoring letter for each funding source listed.

Question 30:

If the funding source wants to send the monitoring letter directly to MFA, what email address should we give them? Would we still need to include this letter in our proposal if it is sent directly to MFA?
Letters should not be mailed directly to MFA. These must be included with your proposal.

Question 31:

Board member listings, where should this be placed in the proposal?
There is a form titled “Current Board Members.” Please record your board members on this form. Print out more than one form if needed. This should be placed between items numbered 11, “Site Control Documentation,” and 12, “Bylaws or Board Resolution…” on the checklist.

Question 32:

In the RFP pg 24 sub heading: Offeror Proposal Information-Items requiring disclosure, it asks four questions. This particular section is not a form on "RFP FORMS' Should we copy and paste this section, answer it, and include it in the proposal? There is a similar request found on page 19 of the RFP, subsection 5.8 Code of Conduct. It requests similar information but not exact. It is a statement we must write out and include in the RFP. Are these the same things or different things?
Page 19, #5.8, “Code of Conduct,” second paragraph simply states that “…any political contribution or gift…” needs to be reported. Page 24 shows you where to record your answers. When you print out the RFP, you may write directly on it and include additional pages if necessary.

Question 33:

I am able to get monitoring letters from two of the three grantors. The last one is a bit more difficult as the funding disbursement for this fiscal year has just begun and no such letters are on file for the last year. (funding for this grant was supposed to start around October 2015, but we were informed that it would not start for awhile and recently we were sent the MOA and award, it is now April 2016). Would the two monitoring letters suffice?
You will need to explain this situation when you include the monitoring letters that you have. This will meet the requirement. If you have the previous year’s monitoring letter, we will accept that.

Question 34:

If a county we served in 2015 is no longer on the top ten of the RFP's scoring, would we receive the points for servicing this county?
Yes. However, this question refers to the RAP RFP.

Question 35:

We received an EHAP Grant in 2014, but did not re-apply in 2015, would we be considered a new agency?

Question 36:

How do we calculate occupancy rate for a shelter?

Agency Occupancy

  •  # Beds
    • Write in # Beds: ____________
    • Identify Type of Agency
      • Small (0 - 15 beds)
      • Medium (16 – 30 beds)
      • Large (more than 30 beds)
    • Calculate maximum # bednights (# beds above x 365): ________________
  •  Bed nights
    • Write in # Bednights served: ____________
    • Calculate occupancy rate (# bednights served ÷ max # bednights)
    • Occupancy Rate_________%

Small Agency – 0-15 bed capacity at 75% occupancy rate = 5 points
Medium Agency – 16-30 bed capacity at 75% occupancy rate = 25 points
Large Agency – 31 and over bed capacity at 75% occupancy rate = 50 points

Question 37:

You identify that hard copy proposals are to be separated with tabs. How would you like the tabs labelled? Should they be numbered to align with the points on the checklist, in which case the Evaluation Criteria would be number 17? Or do you have another preferred method? Are copies to be tabbed as well, or only the original?
Proposal Format
Proposals should be printed on standard 8 ½ x 11 paper, double-sided, with each copy fastened using paper clips or binder clips and with tabs identifying each minimum threshold item and evaluation criteria item. Please do not spiral bind your proposals. All proposals must be self-contained.

All copies should be tabbed as well.  They should all be labeled to match the checklist.  Label the “Evaluation Criteria” separately.

Question 38:

Since the text box under question 1 of "Performance Housing Placement" does not expand, may we attach an additional sheet. The question is sufficiently in depth that we need more room to elaborate.
You may attach as many additional sheets as are needed.

Question 39:

I see no place to include a program budget. Is this something that should be included, or will that be worked out at a later date if my agency is a finalist for funding?
Agency budgets are not submitted for the purpose of the RFP.

Question 40:

Where does the audit go in the compiled submission? Should it be separate, or is it included as part of the original copy of the submission? If it is to be included as part of the original, where should it go?
The audit is listed on the checklist as #4. These items must be included in the proposal in the order they are listed on this checklist.

Question 41:

For the form titled "Proposal Requirements Requested on Page 9- #10," is this to be included as part of checklist #6, Offeror certifications signed by authorized official, or as part of checklist point "Evaluation Criteria," Completed general information forms to include offeror proposal information and certifications.
The form titled “Proposal Requirements” actually refers to page 11, #23. Item #6 of the checklist refers to Page 9, #10.

Question 42:

My agency is interested in applying for Emergency Homeless Assistance funds, and has received many years of clean audits. However, the auditor we use is not on the approved list. We are willing to switch auditors to an approved one in the future, if we are selected for MFA funds. May we still apply? We have not received MFA funding in the past, and our choice of auditor has never been an issue before.
Please see answer addressing this issue at the end of these questions.

Question 43:

If our auditor is not on the State Audit list do you still want us to submit our audit? If not, what would we do as the alternative. Our auditor was on it last year and has completed all necessary steps to be on it again however he has chosen not to register.
In all cases, an audit must be provided. Please see answer addressing this issue at the end of these questions.

Question 44:

Are domestic violence service providers exempt from the requirement to participate in HMIS?
Yes, at this time domestic violence service providers are exempt from the requirement to participate in HMIS.

Question 45:

Besides the full original application with all information included, in the 3 additional copies requested do you also want copies of the audit and supporting HMIS documentation? These are about 30 pages each for our organization.
The copies are needed because they are given to several members of the review team to score. Please include only one copy of the audit and three copies of all supporting HMIS documentation with each proposal.

Question 46:

On page 9, #5, the RFP states that "Local public bodies (housing authorities, local governments)" must use an auditor on the NM State Auditor's List. We are not a housing authority or a local government. The State Auditor's List is geared to auditors that wish to do government audits. We are using a qualified, reputable CPA firm that is registered in the state of New Mexico by the Public Accountancy Board. This firm specializes in non-profit auditing. They do not seek to do government audits and therefore did not go through the process to be approved as a sub-contractor of the NM State Auditor. It is my understanding that the deadline to have an auditing agency put on the list is already past. We have had our independent audit scheduled since February. It would be very costly and time consuming to change auditors at this point. Will we be able to utilize our current auditor?
Refer to the answer below.

***We have received several questions regarding audits as to whether offeror needs to submit an audit done by a certified auditor who is on the New Mexico’s State Auditor’s list. Below is the requirement for audits:

Independent Audits.  Service Providers not subject to the audit requirements of 2 CFR 200 must  obtain independent audits prepared by a third party CPA in accordance with generally accepted government auditing standards (GAGAS) covering financial and compliance audits.  Agencies must provide either an independent CPA’s auditors report (Audit) or audited financial statements conducted in accordance with Government Auditing Standards (GAS). The GAS Audit or audited financial statements will include an independent auditors report on the following: 1) financial statements; and 2) Internal Control over financial reporting and compliance. The audit or audited financial statements will also include the auditor’s management letter if there is one and the Offeror’s response to any audit or audited financial statement findings.  Offeror must submit only the most recent of FY2014 (fiscal year ending on or after 9/30/2014) or FY 2015. If Offeror received $500,000 in federal funds from one or more sources (in the fiscal year ending in 2014, $750,000 in the fiscal year ending in 2015), a Single Audit is required pursuant to 2 CFR 200 Subpart F. The following types of audit or audited financial findings may disqualify Offeror from funding:

  1. Repeat and unresolved audit findings, as determined by MFA
  2. If Offeror has received greater than $500,000 in funding (in the fiscal year ending in 2014, $750,000 in the fiscal year ending in 2015) and the single audit did not meet the requirements of the 2 CFR 200 Subpart F:
    1. For Single Audit, no proof of Federal audit clearinghouse submission (FORM SF-SAC).
    2. If Governmental entity, proof is not included of current audit submission to the Office of the New Mexico State Auditor.
    3. if referenced in audit as a separate communication, no submission of Management Response letter and management response to concerns noted in the management letter.
    4. If any findings, no submission of management response to findings.
  1. Local public bodies (housing authorities, local governments) must conduct annual independent financial audits by a certified auditor that has been approved by the New Mexico State Auditor’s Office and on the State Auditor’s List.
  2. All entities receiving federal or state funding from MFA must provide an annual independent financial audit or audited financial statements from a certified auditor of their choice. Entities must at a minimum procure for auditing firm/services every three years, through a Request for Proposal (“RFP”). Evidence of the procurement must be provided to MFA at the time of release of the RFP and when selections are completed.

Question 47:

Can proposal be submitted with a report cover (2 hole punch at the top). It will have tabs identifying the minimum threshold items & evaluation criteria items as instructed. Will the report covers be acceptable?
A report cover is not necessary.

Question 48:

I submitted the question below, which was addressed as Question 41 on your FAQ page, but I do not think I was clear enough in what I was asking. What I meant to ask was, WHERE does the form “Proposal Requirements” go in the final package? If the package is to be prepared to align with the items on the checklist, it is not clear under what item in the checklist the form “Proposal Requirements” belongs. Does it go under checklist #6, or is it submitted as part of the certifications in the Evaluation Criteria section? My original question and your response are repeated below for reference:

For the form titled "Proposal Requirements Requested on Page 9- #10," is this to be included as part of checklist #6, Offeror certifications signed by authorized official, or as part of checklist point "Evaluation Criteria,"

Completed general information forms to include offeror proposal information and certifications.

The form titled “Proposal Requirements” may be placed with the Evaluation Criteria items, just after the form titled “General Information.”

Question 49:

Our organization utilizes an outside bookkeeping agency; does that business or specific bookkeeper need to provide a resume?


Question 50:

If a county is not included in the top 10 list of counties with residents living in poverty, but it is listed as a county with a high unemployment rate, would an agency (that is in one of the top ten counties) offering assistance to the county not listed in the top ten get credit for serving two counties if it includes the county not on the top 10 list in its scope of work?

This question pertains to the RAP RFP.  Please refer to Question #1 in the RAP FAQ’s, posted 4/1/2016.  Ultimately, the county(s) you serve must be represented in both columns to get the full 20 points.  If it is only in one column, you will receive 10 points.

Question 51:

Page 25, #4, the RFP states the following: “As backup documentation for the above-referenced items under community need, attach aggregate data reports generated from the HMIS or comparable for calendar year 2015. The report should include number of households, bed nights served and exit information for clients served.” Which report do I need to run for the RFP?  None of the reports listed in HMIS are listed as aggregate data reports.

You will need to contact Hank Hughes with the New Mexico Coalition to End Homelessness (NMCEH) for this information as MFA does not keep HMIS aggregate data reports.

Question 52:

On page 9 #11. I only included "key" staff that are members of the management team and the case manager in my list and I attached their resumes. Do I need to include all the staff?

You will need to include the executive director, financial manager, and key members of your management team when filling in the chart on page 9.

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