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2016 - 2020 RAP RFP FAQ

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The FAQ is now open and will close on April 13, 2016, two business days before the RFP due date. To submit your questions, scroll down to the “Ask a question” section. Enter your name, organization and type your question in the “Question” box, and click on “Submit.” Answers to all questions will be posted to MFA’s website on 04/1/16, 04/8/16, and 04/13/16 by 3:00pm.


Frequently Asked Questions


Question 1

Our county is not listed in BBER. How can we get on this list? Is it enough to just provide data showing that the homeless population in our area is being affected?
No, we have obtained an updated list of statistics from BBER therefore use the chart below instead of the one in the RFP. (see notes below*)

  Percent Persons in Poverty[1]   Unemployment Rate[2]
McKinley 36.6% Cibola 15.8%
Luna 30.2% Torrance 14.8%
San Miguel 29.4% Luna 14.6%
Torrance 29.2% Harding 13.9%
Cibola 29.0% McKinley 13.9%
Doña Ana 27.8% Taos 13.9%
Roosevelt 27.8% Rio Arriba 13.4%
Socorro 25.1% Catron 13.3%
Catron 23.7% Otero 13.3%
Valencia 22.8% Valencia 12.9%

*Changes to Poverty Category: Catron & Valencia are now in the top 10 Taos & Hidalgo counties are no longer in the top 10
*Changes to Umemployment Category Cibola, Harding, Catron & Otero are now in the top 10 Luna, Mora, Guadalupe, Sandoval & Doña Ana are no longer in the top 10

Question 2

Are we required to have the audit be completed by someone on the state list of approved auditors. We receive less than $500,000 a year and are not required to be audited so we do not have any of this information.<
Yes, the auditor has to be on the state approved auditor's list and in order to receive federal funds, all offerors must submit an audit, whether it's a Single Audit or audited financial statements by an auditor.

Question 3

The fillable form on your website for the Certificate of Local Government Support is actually an Anti-Harassment document. Will you have the fillable form of the Certificate of Local Government Support on your website available for the purposes of the grant application?
We are not requesting a certificate for this particular item. You must submit a letter(s) of support from your local government for any county you propose to serve. We do however recognize that the link has the incorrect document and will send the information to our IS department.

Question 4

On the submission checklist it states we need "Proof of good standing" from ECPCIS and The very next item also states "Offeror must provide proof of Good Standing". I am confused about what the 2nd item refers to. Could you please clarify what information you are looking for under the 2nd item.
You must provide proof of good standing for both(dated within 30 days of application date from https:/ and printout)

Question 5

On the submission checklist, it asks for Resumes for Program Staff. Would that only be for Program Director and the one case manager that will be involved in the program, or for CEO and CFO?
Include resumes for the Program Manager, Fiscal Manager & Executive Director. This will fulfill the Section 2.1(15) requirement

Question 6

On the submission checklist, it asks for Statements of Experience regarding CEO, CFO and other key staff. We have provided this information in the "Table that demonstrates the agencies administrative and financial management capacity". Are there additional statements needed other than what we have already provided in the "Table"?
Completion of the form “Administrative & Financial Management Capacity” is all that is needed. No additional statement is needed.

Question 7

On the Offer Proposal Information, requested at page 28, #1, Expenditure Benchmarks: Should the third column, which asks for “% of Expenditures” be treated as % of budget? If not, can you please explain what percentage you are looking for?
Yes, that refers to percent of budget.

Question 8

On the Offer Proposal Information, requested at page 28, #1, Expenditure Benchmarks: What does the fourth column, which asks for “MFA % of” require
“MFA % of” is actually to be determined by MFA reviewers. This column will reflect MFA’s benchmark scores based on online invoicing system.

Question 9

If a county we served in 2015 is no longer on the top ten of the RFP's scoring, would we receive the points for servicing this county?

Question 10

We have received several questions regarding audits as to whether offeror needs to submit an audit done by a certified auditor who is on the New Mexico’s State Auditor’s list. Below is the requirement for audits:
Independent Audits. Service Providers not subject to the audit requirements of 2 CFR 200 must obtain independent audits prepared by a third party CPA in accordance with generally accepted government auditing standards (GAGAS) covering financial and compliance audits. Agencies must provide either an independent CPA’s auditors report (Audit) or audited financial statements conducted in accordance with Government Auditing Standards (GAS). The GAS Audit or audited financial statements will include an independent auditors report on the following: 1) financial statements; and 2) Internal Control over financial reporting and compliance. The audit or audited financial statements will also include the auditor’s management letter if there is one and the Offeror’s response to any audit or audited financial statement findings. Offeror must submit only the most recent of FY2014 (fiscal year ending on or after 9/30/2014) or FY 2015. If Offeror received $500,000 in federal funds from one or more sources (in the fiscal year ending in 2014, $750,000 in the fiscal year ending in 2015), a Single Audit is required pursuant to 2 CFR 200 Subpart F. The following types of audit or audited financial findings may disqualify Offerer from funding:

  1. Repeat and unresolved audit findings, as determined by MFA.
  2. If Offeror has received greater than $500,000 in funding (in the fiscal year ending in 2014, $750,000 in the fiscal year ending in 2015) and the single audit did not meet the requirements of the 2 CFR 200 Subpart F:
    1. For Single Audit, no proof of Federal audit clearinghouse submission (FORM SF-SAC).
    2. If Governmental entity, proof is not included of current audit submission to the Office of the New Mexico State Auditor.
    3. If referenced in audit as a separate communication, no submission of Management Response letter and management response to concerns noted in the management letter.
    4. If any findings, no submission of management response to findings.

1. Local public bodies (housing authorities, local governments) must conduct annual independent financial audits by a certified auditor that has been approved by the New Mexico State Auditor’s Office and on the State Auditor’s List.

2. All entities receiving federal or state funding from MFA must provide an annual independent financial audit or audited financial statements from a certified auditor of their choice. Entities must at a minimum procure for auditing firm/services every three years, through a Request for Proposal (“RFP”). Evidence of the procurement must be provided to MFA at the time of release of the RFP and when selections are completed.



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