Emergency Housing

If you find yourself in need of emergency assistance, some of MFA's partners may be able to help.  The network of agencies providing these services can be found all over our state.  Choose from the list of services on the menu, and a list of local providers will appear.  Contact those providers directly -- they are there to help.


DALE KLEIN-KENNEDY, pictured above

More than 900 women and children come to S.A.F.E. House in Albuquerque every year to escape domestic violence. Not only do they find refuge at S.A.F.E House, but the domestic violence survivors who go there are given health care, counseling, transitional living assistance and financial literacy training. S.A.F.E House Clinical Services Director Dale Klein-Kennedy, pictured here, and Executive Director Michele Fuller say they are grateful for the MFA funding that helps them keep the doors open.

“If we don’t interrupt the cycle of domestic violence, the children who witness it will become the next generation of abusers and the abused,” Michelle said. “MFA helps make it possible to provide a safe shelter and the services necessary to help break that cycle.”