Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP)

If you are seeking assistance, please visit our rental assistance page. The Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program is closed in most areas, but the Rental Assistance Program still provides help with rent and/or utilities.

Program Overview

The MFA was awarded $6,778,653 in Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program funding, which has been awarded statewide to assist people facing homelessness. Award recipients, which participated in a competitive RFP process, partnered with more than a dozen non-profit organizations throughout New Mexico to distribute the funds.  The recipients included: Catholic Charities, Gallup Housing Authority, Housing Authority of the City of Las Cruces, Rio Arriba County Housing Authority, San Juan County Partnership, Socorro County Housing Authority, The Life Link, and Tierra Del Sol Housing Corporation.

Funds were distributed using a formula allocation based on the level of need and housing cost. The level of need was assessed using the number of persons per county living below the federal poverty level,and the current number of unemployed persons per county who would otherwise be in the workforce. The housing cost was assessed using HUD’s 2009 Fair Market Rent. A detailed presentation on the allocation methodology is attached.

This program is currently closing out.

Funds were used for the following activities:

  • Financial Assistance, including:
    • Short term rental assistance – up to 3 months  
    • Medium term rental assistance – 4 to 18 months
    • Security and utility deposit
    • Utility payments – up to 18 month
    • Rent or Utility Arrears – up to 6 month
    • Moving cost assistance
    • Motel/hotel vouchers – Up to 30 days
  • Housing Relocation and Stabilization Services, including:
    •  Case management, pertaining to housing
    •  Outreach and engagement
    • Housing search and placement
    • Legal services
    • Credit Repair
  • Data Collection and Evaluation, utilizing HMIS
  • Administrative Costs, including pre-award costs