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Manuals & Policies

Compliance Manuals

The Compliance Manuals are a one-stop single family program reference guide. They detail the program qualification guidelines, income calculation requirements, documentation requirements and checklist definitions.


First Home and First Down Compliance Manual

Next Home Compliance Manual

Program Policies

First Home Program Policy

First Down Program Policy

Home Now Program Policy

Next Home Program Policy

NextDown Program Policy

First Home NOFA

HFA Preferred Conventional Loan Program

HFA Preferred Term Sheet

DO-DU Quick Steps Entering the data for HFA Preferred

DO-DU Quick Steps Entering the data for Community Seconds as a subordinate lien

Community Seconds Checklist

Community Seconds Guide

Selling Guide B3-5.4- Nontraditional Credit History

Additional Documents

CFPB Dodd-Frank Regulation Policies

Attorney Opinion on Entities Governmental Capacity and Jurisdiction (HUD Letter 19-06)

Other Lender Resources

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Lender and Realtor FAQs

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Program manuals and policies

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MFA's housing counseling partners 

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Lender Memos

If you missed a lender memo, we've got it here.

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Current Rates

Current interest rates

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Fact Sheets

MFA Non-Fillable Fact Sheets

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MFA Fillable Fact Sheets

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